AMSOIL Announced as Official Oil of TLR Cup Tour

Friday, December 16, 2016

Preparation for the opening round of the TLR Cup Tour is in full swing, with tracks being iced, race teams testing and tuning, and AMSOIL being announced as the spec oil of the Tour for the second year running. 

Race teams competing in all three TLR Cup classes this season will use AMSOIL DOMINATOR Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil. Dialing-in a machine capable of producing over 100 miles per hour while tearing around an ice oval track is no easy task, but AMSOIL will certainly lend a hand as their racing oil is specifically formulated for high-end performance.

"To have AMSOIL on as a partner again is something that we at the Tour are very excited about," said organizer Todd Achterberg. "We ran the same spec oil program last year, with great response from teams, and look forward to another year of the same." 

Round 1 of the TLR Cup Tour kicks off two weeks from today at the Buffalo River Race Park, just outside of Fargo, North Dakota. For a full schedule and additional information, visit and follow us on social media. 

For additional information or questions regarding the TLR Cup Tour spec oil program, send an email to

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